Personalized Personaliz Custom Carban Steel Axe Viking Hunting CAMPING AXE Vantage AXE Battle with Beautiful Desing of Wood Handle

$119.99 $199.99

Item specifics
The overall length is 18.00"
Blade Width 6.75"
Blade length is 5.00"
Handle Length is 16.00"
Blade thickness is 4.0mm
Comes with genuine Cow Hide Sheath Leather Sheath

Blade Detail

Hand Forged Handmade Carbon Steel Blade | Hatchet| AXE walnut Wood| Integral with leather sheath
This prestigious AXE would look most impressive in any knife collection. This knife was made only one piece, so don't let this awesome knife get away. This awesome knife is purpose-built to perform for years and years.

This knife is complete with a top-quality extra-thick leather sheath. The leather sheath is totally hand tooled and sewn. Extra thick leather and strong stitching make this sheath robust which can withstand years of rough and tough use. The sheath can be worn on the belt.

HEAT TREATMENT:: Excellent heat treatment to blade | OIL QUENCHED

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How to Care for Damascus Blades


Damascus patterns are made by forging or "folding" stainless steel and softer high-carbon steel. To bring out the pattern, the blades are placed in an "acid bath." During this process, the more corrosive high-carbon steel is eaten away, leaving behind unique patterns. We then “seal” the blades using a museum-grade wax coating.


Keep Damascus clean and free of moisture. Damascus blades will require more attention since the higher carbon metals that help create the pattern present a higher risk of corrosion. We recommend cleaning the blade after it has come into contact with moisture and especially acidic materials like apples, steak, or fingers.
Spot clean rust. If your knife is in a humid environment, it will rust. The best way to quickly address rust is to spot-clean your blade with Soft Scrub and a Q-tip when you first see it appear. If you can see pitting on the blade, it is especially important to keep those spots clean so that more material is not removed.
Protect the pattern. Apply a small amount of WD-40 or a quality oil when the blade is completely dry to help protect against fading and moisture. Our Damascus is chemically bonded with stainless steel and several different softer metals, so there is no need to worry about chipping or flaking, but the pattern may still wear over time from regular use.
Maintain the edge. Damascus will maintain its edge for quite a while, but it will dull faster than our standard S35VN blade. We recommend maintaining the edge with the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker.