Custom Handmade Damascus 5 pcs BBQ/Kitchen Chef Knives set Hand forged chef's knives set Anniversary Gift, Mother day Gift,Gift For Everyone

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Custom Handmade Damascus 5 pcs BBQ/Kitchen Chef Knives set Hand forged chef's knives set Anniversary Gift, Mother day Gift,Gift For Everyone

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This unique KITCHEN/CHEF knife/knives set is totally handmade. It is a piece of Craftsmanship and its Exotic Blade and Handle materials details are mentioned below.
Blade Material : DAMASCUS STEEL with Razor Edge Sharpness
Handle Material : Rosewood, Brass pins
Overall Length : 9" to 11.5"INCHES
Handle: Made with great combination of Rose wood and Brass pins
Blade: Hand Forged Damascus Steel (Damascus steel is the combination of 1095+15N20) with hardness of 50-60 HRC.
Damascus Layers: 512-Layers (When forged) not sure how much layers are disappeared while finishing the blades.
Forged Damascus Steel Blades: Damascus Steel is Forged steel with the combination of 2-Metals (1095 and 15N20) it is a process of layering, melting and hammering. This results in each blade having a unique design and pattern.
Leather Knife Roll: Handmade leather Knife Roll/bag made with original Suede Leather is included
This Chef knife/knives set makes excellent Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift for Women or Anniversary gift. This is also a great gift for a co worker or someone that already has it all and is impossible to shop for! This Chef knife set is a go to gift for the women/Men in your life! Perfect for your groom/bride, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, groomsmen/bridesmaid and Dad/Mom that they are sure to love! The blades are just the right size for daily use in your kitchen.
Please read Instructions carefully before use/Order. Clean chef Knives before Use, Please take care when using, Keep out of reach of children, Do not use the Knife to cut frozen food, Do not put the knife in the Dishwasher or Microwave, Do not Soak in water, Always clean the blade after every use, Always use Vegetable/White oil/ Coconut Oil and put the small amount on the blades to avoid the rust, These are high carbon blades so they need extra care. If Any rust on blade surface appear due to negligence of care, it can easily be wiped off with a mixture of vinegar and lime and re-coated with mineral or coconut oil. Do not store the knife in leather sheath for long period of time. When not in use, store knives and leather sheaths separately because leather does absorb moisture and can rust your blade. Tanning salts and acids present in the leather can rust or tarnish steel.

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